Top Real Hairy Amateurs

Alisa Chearry

Alisa Chearry Alisa Chearry is a beautiful, petite young woman, barely past her teens. She is fragile looking and wears her hair in a fine plait down the middle of her back. This lovely lass is very pale and sad to say, there are not very many of her hairy amateur videos available at this…

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Darina Nikitina

Darina Nikitina Darina Nikitina is a stunning, real blonde who loves karaoke and presents a gorgeous bush for people to admire and enjoy. Darina is an educated girl who completed school a year early and went on to complete a diploma by the age of 19. In her culture she was pushed to start looking…

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Ananda Ray

Ananda Ray Ananda Ray is a professional personal assistant to a business executive by day and does not show her more playful side when she is at work. She is a delightful, natural brunette who was involved in producing adult movies for a few years and enjoyed herself behind the camera. When she was filming…

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Kate and Panda

Kate and Panda Kate is a stunning blonde and Panda is a fiery redhead and both ladies are from Australia. They have several amateur videos online with tons of girl on girl action, showing off their hairy mons. The girls love getting new sex toys and showing them off to the viewers. They also wear…

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Tara Tainton

Tara Tainton Tara Tainton started off in the industry as an erotic writer. She is a beautiful brunette with natural breasts and hair. Tara is known for showing off her beautiful lace bras and enjoys the cowgirl position. While Tara is still considered an amateur, she has many videos available to view at this point…

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Lisa Li

Lisa Li Lisa Li is last but not least on my list of top five hairy amateur girls in my books. Believe me, I have watched a lot of hairy amateur videos over the years and it is always my go to porn to watch. I do still occasionally check out some of the new…

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About Me

I have spent years travelling all over Europe and Asia whenever I had vacation time. I have explored some really beautiful places and met some gorgeous women. I have been blessed with above average looks and probably fall in to the tall, dark and handsome category, which has served me well over the years. I’m not wealthy, but I live a comfortable lifestyle and have a good job in architecture and design. Travelling gives me the opportunity to see places with astonishing buildings and ancient architecture that can be incorporated into my daily work. I also love seeing inside buildings, seeing the layout and what works well together. One thing I have discovered is that working with nature tends to be a lot more harmonious than going against it. Buildings that take the surroundings in to account and appreciate the ambience as likely to feel more calming and comfortable than those that are angular and uncomfortable looking in a natural setting.  I have discovered the same sort of thing when it comes to women. I feel comfortable and relaxed around women that are more in touch with their natural looks. I’m not crazy about a ton of makeup plastered on a woman’s face or hair that is gelled and sprayed into unnatural shapes. I have also developed an appreciation for natural hair.

I love hair that is not dyed or permed or shaped in to weird and fantastic looks. I also enjoy a beautiful, neatly trimmed or wild and woolly pubic bush. The natural hair holds in the pheromones and the natural musky odour of a sexually aroused women.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in cleanliness and hygiene. She must take care of herself in that way and must be clean and free of diseases. Shaving armpits and leg hair is also a choice for her as far as I’m concerned. As long as she smells good and isn’t growing a beard, I’m a happy man. I have been lucky to meet many beautiful women that prefer to be natural when it comes to body hair. This has been a journey for me and something I now find I crave often. I look for women that are in touch with their sexuality, who enjoy masturbating and pleasuring their own bodies. I love women who know themselves and feel comfortable with their bodies, their hairiness and are not ashamed to show it. This has led me to spend many hours on the internet watching videos of amateur hairy girls when I am in between relationships. I have seen some amazing videos and watched some gorgeous women getting their rocks off. I have however, over the past few years found myself developing certain favourites that I return to whenever I need to release some tension. Some of the ladies have many videos while others have only released one or two amateur videos.  I will share my top 6 favourite amateur hairy girls with you as well as some of their background stories for you to enjoy. I have quite varied taste, so there may be something for anyone who enjoys watching amateur hairy women do their thing on cam.

Even if none of the ladies appeal to you personally, you will get a good idea of some of the delicious, natural, sexy women there are on the net, willing to share their bush with the world. Feel free to break out the lube and join me in appreciating the many talents of these gorgeous women.